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Empaths Cry Your Tears

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Rosemary DeTrolio Reiki Master Teacher

Empaths were once sensitive children. I know because I was one. When I was a child, mom would tell me, “You walk a mile in other people’s shoes but feel the pebble in your own.” Empathic people need to learn boundary setting. They have a refined ability to read energy and mood of anoher person.

An uninvited immersion into everyone’s junk can easily overload and damage a delicate nervous systems of empaths. Most empaths are unaware they've been sucking up garbage for years.

Without learning proper shielding or these negative vibes, strange symptoms, such as brain drain, mood change, and illness result from a depleted system.

To the untrained eye, empaths appear to be hypochondriacs. If you're the parent of a sensitive child who gets stomachaches every time there’s is a fight at home or at school, chances are you have an empathic youngster.

An empathic child attempts to process, clear, or balance arguments or disturbances within the family group. Unfortunately, the child has no idea this is happening. Their energy fields are sponges to the family dynamic.

Their energy field is sensitive and magnetically draws in unstable energies to fix them. This sets a life long project of selecting troubled people to fix. Many co-dependent people were actually empathic. Troubled folks see us like honey to a bee.

Empaths cry the tears that you can’t shed. They hurt from your frustration and often can’t separate your feelings from their own. It makes a big messy tangle of agnst.

Without the proper guidance, many Empaths are adults who suffer from anxiety, or try to numb sensitivity with alcohol or other substances.

Some Empaths never learned how to process emotions they've collected from other people. Bottled-up anger is a steaming pot ready to blow its lid off. Some empaths explode in a whopping fit of anger as the family looks on with great surprise as they release the Whoop Ass.

What can you do for you or your youngster? Breathe deeply; spend time alone to recharge yourself. Nature is a great healer. The salt water at the beach always helps me. If it’s winter, take an Epsom Salt bath instead. Epsom salt is calming to the system and cleans the energy field.

Try a tree exercise. Have your child stand like a tree imagining giant roots from the bottoms of the feet. This simple technique is called grounding. Yogis call it the Standing tree or the Mountain pose.

Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the earth clear your energies. This technique is called Earthing. The magnetic energy from the earth helps to stabilize the human energy field.

Practice saying, “I release any energies that are not my own and am filled with light.”

Try some art therapy. Take watercolors and paint your feelings. Practice visualizing a bubble of clear protective light around you to hold good energy in and keep out prickly vibes. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

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