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What My Clients are Saying

Gina Tupaczewski


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Rosemary for over 10 years. I have taken all her classes. Finding a lesson and more spiritual growth from each. They are amazing, allowing me to continue my own spiritual journey. Through her classes being offered at just the right time, I find what is needed to help me take that leap forward. Also the push from those angels through Rosemary's willingness to help me move along my path I am so grateful for. Rosemary is a wonderful teacher, guide, and friend ; I am honored to write this testimonial as her work continues to guide me along my path as well as many others."

Mike Gemelas


"I had a angel reading done by Rosemary twice and with my first one it helped with my healing with the disappearance of my brother and helped get me back on track with my destiny in life. The second was to clarify my choices I had made and not to question everything and do things for the greater good of all. Its just amazing when you have someone who is as gifted as Rosemary and all the good she does for all of us who come to her! I plan on having a third reading done with her and I look forward to what my angels have to say and I highly recommend her to everyone with an open mind and open heart you too can heal or get help to find your way in life:))!! Angels are all around us we just have look feel and believe !!! Bless you Rosemary with your talents God has given you and never stop no matter what :)))!!!!"

Beverly Botelho


"Rosemary is a divinely inspired teacher and practioner. Whether through an angel reading, a Reiki or Intuitive session, or class, she will guide you to experience your highest potential. I have experienced her loving guidance in every service she offers, and found each encounter soul lifting. I can't say enough about her gifts - you need to experience them yourself. (And her books make great gifts, whether for someone else or yourself!)

I have experienced many Reiki sessions with Rosemary. Although I have had Reiki from numerous practitioners, I prefer to go to Rosemary. She realizes that I like verbal communication throughout the session, and what she communicated through touch and speech always is on target and helpful. Rosemary is truly gifted."

I was blown away by the reading. The past-life information explained fears I've struggled with your years! I was finally able to let them go thanks to you.

Blessing. S.L.

The reading you did for my husband literally saved my marriage!  R.R.


Fabi wrote

"I was guided to you when I was feeling lost in my life back in 2005. You have a wonderful gift of communication and the angels speak through you. I highly recommend you to my friends and family. I go to you when I need advice or help. You've helped my personal growth through your words. I look forward to knowing more. You are a wonderful teacher!" 

Terri wrote

"Thank you, Rosemary. Your reading was amazing. You are an angel on earth for certain."

G.H. wrote

"You've inspired me to write and reach my passion once again!"

C.A. wrote

"Thank you for outstanding Reiki training and mentoring!"

Mara Silverman wrote

"Rosemary is wonderful!! I could not have asked for a better teacher for my Reiki Level 2 certification. She's insightful, knowledgeable, and has a true gift."

Heather wrote

"Ro-Sensei, I feel that I need to add the Honorific to your name. I hope that this is OK. What an incredible day it was! What incredible people I met! What incredible peace I was given! I came home yesterday, energized and exhausted. Never in my life had I felt such peace within me, nor had I trusted strangers enough to allow them to 'get inside' me. I walked in your office and I felt like I was home. Sensei, thank you for finding your way into my life and allowing me to find my way into yours. I am looking forward to the continued journey and growth."

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