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Divine Gate of God

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In this communication, I asked how channeling divine energy works. This is the answer I received.


Angels, please assist me with healing information.

Brahman’s Gate is the name for the crown chakra. When it's open, we have access to the soul, and divine information. You expand your awareness and aren't bound by time and space. Above the crown chakra, the eight monad exists. Th eighth monad is the link between heaven and earth.

Light speaks to and through you . It's encoding a language of consciousness your soul can decipher and the cells of your body can resonate with. Once ego is dropped, consciousness of light and God flow in. Meditation helps you to reach this state of bliss, but so can any repetitive activity you do in a calm mind space.

All souls are one soul. It is an illusion of the ego that one is separate. All souls contain both darkness and light, all contain seeds of each other.

As our free will chooses this connection, we are gifted with more light. Our awareness expands and we have less limiting beliefs. All souls are light beams. We shine with brilliance like the stars in the sky.

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