Clearing Chakras, Angel message

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In this communication, I asked how channeling divine energy works. This is the answer I received.


Angels, please assist me with healing information.

Brahman’s Gate is the name for the crown chakra. When it is open, we have access to your soul and you become aware that we can directly communicate with you. It is so in your case.

Light speaks, as personality does not have credence here. Once ego is dropped, all that is, is consciousness, light and God, You see all souls are one. It is an illusion of the ego that one is separate, hence all souls contain both darkness and light, all contain seeds of each other.

It is the hope of God that all souls choose light instead of darkness and allow it to expand into their soul, thereby increasing the light of God many fold. All souls are light beams.

As light is opened more, they shine with more brilliance. Think of the stars in the heavens. They are truly a metaphor. What you see from below as you look up is stars. We look below and see souls as the stars, a paradox, which mirrors the universe.

God has a sense of humor, as well as making the obvious seem hidden to those who do not yet understand.


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