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Welcome to Grow Your Spirit Books

by Rosemary DeTrolio

Rosemary DeTrolio had an extensive career in education. This gives her a unique and truthful voice, evident through her believable and humorous characters, and enthusiastic presentations. Join my mailing list!

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Primary K-3 Books

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This is the story of the how the first magic flute came to be.

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Jenson played his flute. He didn't know the hills held sleeping giants!

This series is for ages 10-14, middle grade fiction. This book won the Dragon Fly literary excellence award and my book has been featured in Story Monsters Magazine!


Join Tommy Delo, 11 3/4 vertically challenged boy, as he navigates sixth grade at a new school.

Tommy never thought the prayer wheel he found in the shop would zap him through time...but it did! Join Tommy  and his friends on his adventures.This book has time travel, bullies, friendships, school troubles, and all the problems kids face in those adolescent years.

Rosemary DeTrolio is working on books 4 and 5. Write to the author at ask to be on a special books mailing list for kids.)

Adult Spiritual Books

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Middle Grade Fiction - Time Wheel Series

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