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Grow Your Spirit

Upcoming show air date October 20 at 10 am Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

Host Rosemary DeTrolio and Co-Host Dr. Pat Baccili welcome you to Grow Your Spirit show where you are encouraged to let your Divine light shine. Are you ready to discover how to raise your frequency and vibration to make better and more guided decisions? Rosemary is a Reiki Master teacher, Angel communicator, author, intuitive, and a life coach who loves helping you discover your truth.

Have you tapped into your soul’s wisdom? This show will teach you how to open your intuition, connect with the angelic realm, and develop your gifts. Whether at a crossroads or life change, Grow Your Spirit offers guidance to discover your own Divine light within. You will understand your intuitive nature and how to have a Divine connection with the angels.

Angels, Spirit Guides, and Reiki, Oh my! Be ready to harness your intuition, find your inner truth and expand your awareness, together on Grow Your Spirit with Rosemary and Dr. Pat.  

Ever wonder why some people can jump into unchartered territory and know they are guided? Are you stuck? Rosemary can teach you how to increase the natural ability and hone in on your intuitive insight. Make better decisions, decrease worry, and be in control of your choices. How? Join us!

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This event is cancelled.

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This speaker/workshop event is your chance to Grow Your Spirit, BEE CALM, and enjoy yourself. 

Sponsored by Rosemary and Gina (Bee calm Reiki) 

Details will follow!  

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