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Earth School

We were born into earth school, naked, hungry, wise, and tiny.

An infant’s soul is close to creation. It holds parcels of innocence, lessons, spirit, and memories of the other side. An infant can’t talk to tell you the wonderful secrets housed in its soul. Imagine the wisdom we’d hear... if only.

We selected certain caretakers for our earthly journey, entrusted to us. They are part of our soul group. As infants, they fed us, and taught us lessons good and bad. We learned about love, fear, faith, hope, sorrow, and joy. They did their best to guide us, but they too are on a journey to learn their own spiritual lessons.

The gifts we held as infants and young children are still present. But earth life got in the way. Soon, we forgot the song of the spheres, the angels, and the light within.

As we re-awaken dormant gifts, we can revisit this state of being. It’s why I offer mentoring sessions and workshops to re-discover hidden soul gifts. They didn’t disappear, they remain under wraps until you are ready to open them.

You are all spiritual beings on an earth journey.

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC in NJ

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