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Angel Sessions

Channeled  divine

guidance and coaching for self-growth, and transformative life changes

I can't thank you enough for the exceptional life guidance that set me on a path of healing the distress I've felt for years.

Thank you soooo much, Rosemary.

Sonia Brown I have a testimony. 12 years ago I had an angel reading with you. My youngest son was 12 years old at that time. I just read that reading the other day, and it mentioned his creativity and at the end of that paragraph my angels told me that my son most likely will be in the artistic field. He attended a college in PA for his freshman year and noticed that if he wanted to become an artist, he needed to go to an art school so he was excepted in an art school in Maine. He is exactly where he is suppose to be. All the reading was perfect. It was wonderful to read it again. All blended right into our lives today. Thank you Rosemary and my beloved angels. Looking forward to many new spiritual moves. 😇

I was blown away. To say this reading was life-changing is an understatement. It gave me as sense of direction and an understanding of myself that I knew was there, but I couldn't see. I've found a new sense of purpose that makes sense and comes naturally. If you ever wondered about past lives, give Rosemary your business. You will not regret it! blazing away-Loren

Interviewed by Delia Quigley 
years ago. My favorite interview.

3 25 Elevated Radio angel interview
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What seems like a lifetime ago you did an angel reading for our non verbal son David who also has Autism. It turned out to be a "new" experience for you. Now almost 10 years later our son is typing to communicate and has confirmed everything the angels told you. You have helped us through hard times with our other son as well and we are forever grateful. Bless you Rosemary.

Rosemary is Light. When I connected with her, I knew I had found another lightworker, healer and channel for Angels. In fact, as we spoke angels were present within our conversation and assisting the flow of information. Her intentions are pure, grounded and loving!

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