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Thank you for Reiki! I didn't realize what was going on with me until yesterday. I went straight home after (our session) and drank a bottle of water and went to sleep for 3 hours-best sleep in weeks!  woke this morning ready to face the world and the world read my best energy. I cannot thank you enough and I will be back for more Reiki!! Chris B. 2022

Gina is a gifted Reiki Master teacher who lives in Long Valley, NJ.  Her business is Bee Calm Reiki. Since I trained her years ago, she's taken giant leaps and bounds forward, and is a  powerful healer in her own right. She's worked with my pets, too.  I was amazed at the information she received and how my animals respond to her.

Tune in July 2, The Light Walkers Path-grow your spirit with Rosemary on Bold Brave TV.

She will be pod cast guest at 10:00 Eastern. My podcast airs every Tuesday. 

Her specialty is animal Reiki (she works with people any type of pet.)

Gina can connect with your pet virtually. Try her heart-to-heart session.

She can do this from a distance.

Contact Gina for these amazing services.

CLICK HERE for heart-to-heart communication and see the details.

CLICK HERE -Animal Reiki level 1 for pets

CLICK HERE to learn Reiki specific to animals

Her email is

Gina Tupaczewski, Reiki Master Teacher

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