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Reiki Training & Initiation

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Through the years, I've come across posts from confused and/or badly trained people. I was compelled to write my post to clarify a few things for you.

You see, I've recently joined a Reiki site to assist newbies with their Reiki journey. I assumed the people were trained in person, and therefore needed a bit of guidance, which I gladly offered.

I was quite astounded by the lack of understanding with very basic Reiki protocol and issues I cover during my instruction. I have suggested the person (on the site) first ask for clarification with their own Master Teacher and wondered why they didn't do so.

Much to my surprise, people posted they couldn't ask their Master Teachers questions or concerns. Worse yet, their online training involved online attunement and learning two levels at once.

BAD idea!

Well-meaning people were duped and therefore believed they were attuned to Reiki, when they actually weren't.

I've had to reorganize how to teach Reiki you must have the attunement in person for it to work.

I've discovered how to use Zoom for the nuts and bolts of Reiki, but the hands on practice and attunement is vital for first level students and I stick by my original beliefs.

I am able to teach second level Reiki on line, WITH an in-person attunement (initiation) with me since this level is about sending long distance healing.

There are studies done to compare "fake Reiki" to those who were actually attuned in person. The healing output from the hands is vastly different.

You can find more info on, a worldwide Reiki organization I'm a member of.

Reiki is one of those modalities which requires proper training and in person attunement.

Attunement is the process where a Master Teacher opens the person's healing channel and grounds the energies. It's in person, and not from the internet. Intent and good wishes are not enough to impart the Reiki energy. There are no shortcuts in life and you are doing yourself a disservice to believe there is.

Since I've used Reiki since 1997 and have trained over a hundred people, including doctors, nurses, and lay people, I'm aware of the pitfalls a newbie may come across.

SEE my Youtube videos about Reiki

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