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How does your garden grow?

Rosemary DeTrolio RMT and gardener


Gardeners have faith. We plant a seed, water it, and have faith our efforts will be rewarded. In March, we sit and wait for the ground to thaw. In April, we thank the rain for watering our garden. In May, the earth wakes and we get to work tilling, removing weeds and dead brush. And then it happens. We plant seeds and wait.

Gardeners understand that some changes take time and can’t be rushed. The earth teaches us patience. The sunlight warms the earth.

Seed sprouts with abandon, and awaken to the new season.When the magic of the seed grows, we learn to trust.

Seeds teach us faith.

Seeds grow without questioning if it's possible. Birds sing without concern, and the earth rejuvenates, and we, like our seeds, reach toward the light.

This is me in my garden. My tallest sunflower grew to 15 feet!

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC

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Mar 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I absolutely love this 🌱

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