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No one wants to be white noise

Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

Small business ownership is a challenge- Writing blogs, sending emails, and meeting with clients. We do it all. I write these blogs, hoping my words have value to you.

If you are old enough to recall those test patterns after midnight on the TV,

you are my people. For the rest of you, sometime I'll explain foil bunny ears, wire hangers, and old TV sets.

We are technology immigrants. Our kids are technology natives.

I get it. My fear is that I'm a test pattern...or white noise.

My SEO is DOA.

In an age when we are all slammed with media, emails, and other stuff,

I wonder if I'm doing it right, reaching YOU, and helping you.

If you are reading my blogs and emails, please comment to the blog so I know living and breathing people are actually reading these.

Thank you!

Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

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