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House Whispering

By Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

Recently, I discovered a new skill I always had, but didn't know I did.

When I walk into a space, I can feel the energy of a room, even if it's empty.

Spaces hold imprints of former occupants, much in the way and old chair

holds the body imprint of someone who sat there.

*This photo isn't the house I visited, but you may get an emotion when you view this photo.

I did a walk-though for a beautiful older home. I sensed the former owner's love for his ties. I saw him impeccably dressed in a fine black suit, wearing a black hat.

Later she showed me his black hat, tie rack, and a photo of him in a black suit.

I saw him signing documents and I felt he had a daughter. Later, I saw the room he signed documents in.

I also saw a home that felt loved and appreciated. I even saw the hidey hole where money was kept.

My client was thrilled by the information I imparted, as well as the strange information about a Native American being shot at by the owner back in the early part of the land's history. Also matching the rumors she heard.True to my inclinations, all was verified by the new owner. She mentioned how the house felt lighter and more joyful after my visit.

I don't have this service on my website, but if you are local in NJ, I'll consider your inquiry and will base the price on location and time.

On occasion, I've cleared homes of stuck energies using a sage smudge. This is a helpful thing to do if you want your living space to feel lighter.

This is the year of the dragon! Check my newest design below.

If you need an awesome interior designer, need a color boost uplift, ask for Sandy Murphy IDS site at

She is my talented sister!

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC NJ

Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

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