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Ghosts & the Astral realm

Ghosts, Spirit Energy, and Astral Realms

All of us have darkness and light within us. The earth is a hologram of our perceptions. The astral realm exists at the lowest concentric ring around the earth. As the rings move further out, a soul can transition and exist in those higher states of consciousness and further from the earth’s astral plane.

Humans create thought forms, which reside in the astral realm and are the stuff of nightmares. The astral realm is the realm closest to earth and slightly above ground level. Earthbound spirits can reside here. They may appear to be floating above the ground since they are in the realm nearest to it

For light to exist, there needs to be a polarity. In my belief, we are not chased by darkness or the devil, but we all have a choice with where we want to resonate and align our soul energy.

The Absence of light is darkness and our own self-created hell. This is what I believe is the state of consciousness farthest from God, or the light of energy you may call a higher power.

Does the devil exist? It depends on your personal beliefs, religion, and upbringing. In my opinion, I think the devil is the energy of negativity to give us a choice of where we will align our souls.

Light is always a force more powerful than darkness, but we are challenged by our own fears and our own desires. Some are tempted by the dark side, the lower vibration energy, and the addictive nature of self-centeredness.

For example, each time I was about to make a spiritual leap forward, I was challenged by frightful dreams, scary nighttime visitors, and fears.

Gatekeepers can be nightmares, ghostly visitors, fears, illnesses, or relationship woes. It's anything that could prevent you from forward movement These are blocks that you must chose to overcome to move forward. Any one of these things could have taken me off course if I succumbed.

You hold the power. This is our realm. Fear will make you believe you’re not in charge. Fear will stop you dead in your tracks.

But, we have free will, even once we pass to the other side. Souls are brought through a tunnel of light. If a person dies and refuses to move through the tunnel, a soul has free will to move on or to stay earthbound.

Although the earthbound time might be many earth years, it’s just a blip in time for the eternal soul. Once a soul decides to move on, the angels will help the soul transition.

What are your thoughts?

My guess is that most souls do move on. Just like when we are alive, each person’s journey and choices will vary.

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