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Wrong side of the bed

Rosemary DeTrolio RMT


This universal Law of Attraction states that energy will match the same frequency of energy. It can bring wondrous synchronicities, but it can also manifest in reverse, such as the case of a black cloud person who is often unaware of the power this law can wield.


If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the day might seem to go from bad to worse. But you’re not destined to have that bad day unless you stay stuck in this negative loop.


Pessimists often call themselves realists. The rest of are assumed to be unrealistic optimists. But are we?

Who has it correct?


Our brains have a reticulating activation system. We are hard-wired to recall upsetting memories so that we can avoid future pain. But they negativity can dominate thinking, and thus, color choices and decisions.  Instead, examine your fears but don’t give in to them.


Our brain wiring enables us to notice negative, harmful, or painful situations to help us avoid danger. The brain holds onto these more quickly than the pleasant ones. Pessimists have a heightened sense of fear related to perceived dangers, even if most will never occur.


Pessimists can’t see the bright side because they are focusing on self-preservation. They are masterful at noticing pitfalls, dangers, and perceived problems, believing it protects them from future pain.


I challenge you to have the wisdom to choose which mindset will bring more happiness and rewards. Remember this: the surrounding energy will attract the same energy. The more negative thoughts you have, the more you will notice, and they will draw to you magnetically. Why? Thoughts hold energy.

What thoughts are in need of transformation? Respond and let me know your thoughts!

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