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Eating Humble Pie

Recently, I attended a writing conference. I’m bothered by ambient noise when I’m trying to learn. I'm judgmental when people talk while a speaker is presenting and I'm just as bothered by music playing in a room when I’m trying to focus. Both were happening while at the event, and I was feeling persnickety.

I was about to complain to the hotel staff about the music, when I realized, to my chagrin, my cell phone was the culprit. This was a little joke on me, since I hadn’t touched my cell phone. And it was not playing the music that I had programmed on the trip to the seminar.

So how did it change channels and play on its own?

God had put me in my place very nicely.

I apologized to the man next to me for the unplanned musical and slumped in my chair and ate humble pie.

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