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What is an angel reading?

What is a psychic?

There are many types of psychic readers. Let me explain: Every person is intuitive. Some people hone these natural abilities through use, practice, and honoring this their insights. Each person uses intuition at certain times.

I've honed and practiced my skills in this area, therefore it grew stronger. I do workshops to help people practice opening and using intuition.

I can sense and feel energy. I was one of these kids who "knew stuff" that no one told me. I'd sense the mood of a person and could pull information as if from the air. This is a psychic ability, since this information comes from the energy field (aura) of a person, and the imprint in a room. Psychic reads are at a lower, more human vibration than angelic information, which is differently filtered and at a higher vibration.

For this reason, I don't call myself a psychic and I don't call my readings psychic readings. Once I meet with a client and have the angel's words written ahead of time, then I use my intuition along with angelic guidance to help my client.

How is an angel communication session different?

I am an angel communicator and an intuitive. I do have psychic abilities, but I am using the angels as a direct link to a person's soul, not their aura, or my instincts.

The angelic information has a high vibration imprint, and I must maintain a high frequency to meet with them.

We all have angels and are guided by them even if you are unaware.

I've channeled angels since 1993 and have done hundreds of written angelic communications without having to meet in person. It helps me to hear a client's voice and ask a few general questions about repeating life patterns and such.

How do you connect with angels to get a reading done?

First, I pray and ask to connect with the person's angels. Then, my angel and theirs join forces. The information flows into my brain. I write it as quickly as I can. I don't need to meet with in person ahead of time, and have very limited information. I read past life scrolls, known as Akashic records to see if any blocks or gifts are from the soul's past incarnations. The angels give a client what they need to know or understand some issue they face. My job as the channeler is to maintain the integrity of the angel's words and not fix or change them. I've learned to trust this process.

Do you talk to deceased people?

Not intentionally, but I have had some talk to me. Mediumship is not my calling or mission. Mediums are able to communicate with your deceased loved ones. We all have this ability to some degree, but some people are well-practiced at it and those are the ones I'd send you to.

They have a series of symbols that lead their readings. This isn't my specialty. But, sometimes and insistent relative will show up during a Reiki session to give me a message for my client. Again, it just happens.

If someone wants this type of reading, I refer the person to some excellent mediums I know personally. If you'd like an angel reading or guidance,

I'm your go-to person.

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