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Mango Pit

by Rosemary DeTrolio RMT

It's funny what we remember from childhood. Just today, I was slicing a mango.

My sister and I would wait for my mom to buy a delicious tropical delight.

When all the pieces were sliced and shared, we'd vie for the pit.

The winner would get to eat around the pit and enjoy the last bits of the sweet fruit.

Being the young kid, my big sister usually managed to win the prize.

To this day, I laugh when I buy a mango and get to eat the pit myself.

The win isn't as sweet when there is no sisterly competition afoot.

For years, I thought there was only one variety of mango, until

my Brazilian daughter-in-law schooled me on the joys of tropical fruits

and the sweet Alphonso mango. There are several types.

I've also learned about Jack Fruit and the "real" guava. Apparently, the one the stores sell are the junk ones they don't want.

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You don’t win any more. 😉

Gefällt mir

Sandra Murphy
Sandra Murphy
13. Sept. 2023

Great story and the minute I saw a mango on your post, I knew what you were going to say about us AND

I don't always win!! Those mangos sure look good.


Gefällt mir
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