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If you pull a String, the whole sweater can unravel

When I was in first grade and I loved my new flowered sweater. Mom told me not to pull that string on the fancy white sweater, but the little bit of string hung near the corner, teasing me. It bothered me. The sweater would be perfect, if not for the little hanging string. I could make it better.

What did I do? I pulled at it, even though Mom told me not to. By the time I got home, I had opened a little hole in the bottom of the sweater. Mom was right. It had become unraveled.

Sometimes in our desire to make things perfect, we mess things up even more. I should have well enough alone. But I didn’t. Like a cosmic reminder, we shouldn’t pull a string in the fabric of the Universe for no good reason. When we do, we can unravel the whole darned thing.

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