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False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear. We can tie ourselves up in knots and go right down the rabbit hole.

Most of what we fear never happens, yet it can paralyze our actions and scare us.

Fear is a nightmare your mind makes when you are awake. And it binds you.

You can challenge the fear, question it, and talk to it as if it's a badly behaved kid creating havoc in Walmart.

If you find yourself in fear-based thinking, question your fear.

What is the worst-case scenario, and will this actually happen?

Most of what we fear does not come to pass.

On the other hand, your fear is like the scared rabbit calling to the eagle.

"Hey, eagle! Don't eat me!!!"

Of course, you get the humor. Calling the eagle is the very cause of the rabbit's demise.

Don't encourage your fears and feed the eagle.

Encourage your faith.

Delete your negative thought and reframe them.

Instead of entertaining the thought, "I'm so ill."

Say, "I'm healthier by the day."

Get rid of those descriptions such as "I'm suffering with_____ "

The tricky part is believing your faith instead of your fear.

I challenge you to try this out.

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