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Earthbound ghost or Spirit visitor?

Part 2 How mediums help them

Some people, known as mediums, can communicate with earthbound and crossed-over souls. I’ve met several good ones along the way. I’ve named them at the end of this article. Mediums encourage earthbound spirits to cross over when they are ready. Mediums have their own beliefs and experiences that may or may not match my own. They are also practiced at helping you to connect with your loved ones, although they don't always know who will show up for you.

Karma? You bet I believe in this concept. Every action we take creates either positive or negative karma. Our actions can bring us closer or further away from God. It's our free will choice, and we have it even at the time of death.

Our souls co-create with God, and we come in with a blueprint of lessons but free will and choices to make along the way. We are allowed our lessons, so we can resonate with more light energy once we pass over to the other side. We can learn the easy way or the hard way. All deeds are recorded in the book of records, called the Akashic records.

Most people who die go into the tunnel of light and cross over to a higher dimension.

Life lessons continue on the other side of the veil. A spirit who has crossed over has a more buoyant light body. The higher vibrations cleanse them as they transition, and they release earthly ego.

A spirit of your loved one can visit in your dreams or visit to support and help you. I've smelled my mom's perfume after she passed. I've had many dream visits from my dad and messages from the other side.

Earthbound souls are temporarily stuck in the astral plane. After death, they chose not to go into the tunnel of light. Their energy remains dense, and their earthly ego is still very attached.

Why would a soul remain earthbound? Maybe the soul is self-punishing, unable to forgive, or heal emotional wounds. Some souls might be addicted to earthly pleasures. Some souls don't know they are dead. Others may be attached to an object or a home.

I’ve worked with an earthbound soul who showed up during a Reiki healing session. He insisted I ask his wife to forgive him. He wasn't allowed to transition until he made amends to her on a soul level.

I had to share the message with her since he was so insistent. I don't consider myself a medium, and I didn't ask the man to show up during a session, but, he had his own agenda, and he was escorted in by an angel who wanted me to share it, too.

Another strange incident happened at night when I was trying to sleep. A little boy showed up in my room. He had just been in a car accident with his parents. He didn't know where they were. I called in my angels and Arch Angel Michael to assist with his care. He took the angel's hand. He thanked me and left my room. The next day, I heard of a fatal accident on the highway where a family had died.

Some earthbound souls remain overly attached to ego or possessions. Maybe they hold guilt or anger or have unresolved resentments. Negative feelings have dense and heavy energies which tether the soul to the astral plane.

During one Reiki session, a client's grandmother showed up reeking of Aqua Net hair spray. She wanted to encourage her granddaughter. Grandma was not earthbound, just a loving spirit visitor from the other side checking in with her granddaughter who shared she had been asking for a sign from Grandma for days.

Events and emotions create energy loops and imprints in the ethers in the astral realm. If you see scary images at night, this is the place they stay.

Have good thoughts, say your prayers, and know you are safe and protected.

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