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Are you in need of some spiritual guidance or insight? Look no further! With our 1 channeled question/mini reading, I will channel your angels before we meet.  Once I'm done channeling, we will hop on Zoom for a 45-minute follow-up session . I  connect directly with your angels and guides to provide you with a one-page reading that is uniquely tailored to you. Unlike other services, I focus solely on channeling the information you need to hear, making each reading a truly personalized experience. Let's work together to uncover the spiritual guidance you seek!


1. Prepay.

2. Rosemary needs a week to complete this *sometimes sooner.

3. send your question to


4. Give your angels permission for me to channel for you.

"Angels, let Rosemary know anything that will help me."

5. Rosemary will contact you via email to set you Zoom.

6. Zooom 45 min with Rosemary




1 question/mini reading/45min session

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