Learn Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki; high frequency attunement to open palms, feet, and chakras, manual, hands on practice, self healing practice, Reiki symbols, and expert guidance. Jump start your spiritual journey. 

BEFORE DAY 1 ZOOM- Schedule and IN PERSON Reiki attunement (allow 15 minutes and wear a mask. Sign the Covid Release form) This can be a week prior. (Info@rosemaryd.com  908-798-3427)

DAY 1 ZOOM 9:00-12:00  Learn history, chakra information, learn about Reiki and Usui, learn how to ground, clear, and protect your energies. Learn self Reiki.  YOU MIGHT HAVE A DIFFERENT DAY 2 than other paid guests to assure Covid safety protocol. 


DAY 2  9:00-12:00 in person at my home office: Review of day 1,

Reiki hand positions  and symbols, hands on practice (invite a guest to receive a free session while you practice. They 'll need to sign a Covid release form)

Earn a Reiki certificate after your session is done.


Reiki 1st level DAY 1 Zoom / DAY 2 in person



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