Truths I Learned Along the Path

Keep your word, show up, and be reliable. If I give you my word, I keep it.

I've learned this isn't true for everyone and I've been disappointed.

I learned to have no expectations, but be happily surprised when follow-through occurs.

Don't waste time complaining about anything; instead offer a solution.

Keep positive people around me.

Not everyone will be able to understand or celebrate my journey.

In fact, some people feel envy. This life lesson threw me the most since

I don't think I'm better than anyone. I reminded myself not to take anything

personally. After a good cry, I learned this one.

Everyone struggles with something.

Celebrate each other's achievements and accomplishments.

Help other people shine in the spotlight.

Group mind is powerful! I've enjoyed sharing events with other talented people.

Learn a new talent or skill and keep learning. My mom taught me to love reading, learning, and discovering.

What life lesson have you learned along your path?


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