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Walking the Path

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Integrity. Walk the talk. Keep your word. show up. Be reliable.

Even when there's rocks on the path, keep moving.

Even when it's easier to fib, tell the truth.

Be clear with your intent and have intent match your actions.

Waste no time complaining. Instead offer a solution.

I love to keep positive people around me, but if someone is negative,

I hope to inspire a change of heart and attitude in them.

Not everyone will be gracious enough to understand or celebrate your journey.

In fact, some people might show envy. I was blind-sighted a few times when some were

envious of me. After a good cry, I learned even my friends might get a stab of the green eyed monster now and again.

Everyone struggles with something.

The best way not to be envious is to celebrate each other and help your friends and loved ones succeed. Give them the pat on the back we all need.

Help other people shine in the spotlight.

Group mind is powerful! Share your journey, ideas, and events with other talented people.

Be a lifelong learner and walk the path.

What life lesson have you learned along your path?


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