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Rowboat in the Swimming Pool

Recently, we attended to an out of state wedding.

We booked into nearby hotel which looked amazing in the photo ad.

Pictures can deceive.

Pulling up, we saw giant cranes in the lot and nowhere to park.

Our room was on the third floor. There was no elevator or helper

to assist with bags.

"At least we can use the pool," I said, hopefully.

We got settled in and walked to the pool. It had a 6 -inch shark

and other fish in the pool, swimming about,

along with a rowboat floating in the swimming pool.

"At least we can use the jacuzzi," I said.

It was blocked off, too.

You may wonder what happened next. As an optimistic person,

we made the best of the situation.

I said, "This will make a funny blog!"

And so it has.

The wedding was fantastic, and located at a swanky spot we couldn't afford.

It was worth a little discomfort, and we had a great time despite our

hotel fiasco.

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