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Foster Your Spiritual Gifts

You have some. Everyone does! Think back to childhood to determine what they are. Perhaps you have artistic abilities or a knack for discerning colors? You already have the makings of a strong 3rd eye to develop clairvoyant sight.

Were you, are you sensory? Were you sensitive to fabrics, do you love massage and hugs? Are you more comfortable in soft clothes?

You may be a clairsentient, suited to energy work, and hands-on healing modalities.

Were you called "wise beyond your years, or an old soul?" You have the makings of a claircognizant ability. This type is downloaded spiritual insights.

Were you a musical child? You have the makings of a clairaudient adult. You might be able to hear spirit.

Want to learn more about these gifts and others?

Join me for a Zoom DEC 12 10-11AM Eastern time for a super low-priced class

so you can learn more and ask questions!

Contact Rosemary for details.

If you are already decided to join, see below!


$25.00 Rosemary DeTrolio

Reiki Master teacher

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC

Mark it DEC 12

Don't forget your email, so I can send you a link

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