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Family Karma

Karma-Action brings results both good and bad in this life or another.

Speaking of Karma, our loved ones are members of our soul group. We show up for each other, each member contributing or learning something from the other. Sharing a common history with friends and family is humbling.

When I was six, I got lost on the corner two blocks away from my home. Did it matter that I was a small child? No, it didn’t. My family continued to tease me about my bad sense of direction for years. Was it the chicken or the egg? I’m not sure. Without GPS, I’m lost. God. Prayer. Soul.

A friend of mine likes to remind me of how silly I appeared

sliding down the ski slope and landing ass over tea kettle.

And then there’s the treadmill incident, where I flew off in

dramatic style, much to the delight of the onlookers.

There are mistakes we’d all like to forget. I’m glad cell

cameras weren’t common yet.

Years after I dropped a glass of wine on my sister’s nice tablecloth, she still innocently hands me the plastic kiddie cup, as if it were unintentional and a normal replacement for adult stemware. I take the sippy cup and smile. She remembers and so do I. Common history is humbling.

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