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Entertaining Angels Unaware

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

By Rosemary DeTrolio

Many of us pray. The part most of us miss is listening to the guidance we receive.

Once I started my business, I prayed for guidance with my new venture.

What do I need? I asked my angels.

I received a strong urge to drive to Pennsylvania. With a rare free day ahead of me, I drove to there, not knowing where my final destination might be.With my intuition to guide me, I thought, “Why not?” As soon as I paid the toll for PA, I got a sudden inner push to drive to the local flea market.

“Why not?” I thought. So I did.

Along my drive to the flea market, the next snippet of information appeared in my mind. I had a strong inner nudge to stop by a rocks and crystals vendor to purchase a pendulum.

"How strange," I thought. "Why am I receiving this information?"

I decided to follow the guidance with an open mind.

While I drove, I thought, "Wouldn't it be amazing to meet a crystal healer to guide me to buy the right pendulum today?"

After I had this thought, I felt assured my prayers would be answered.

I arrived at the rock and mineral table. My mind raced with excitement. Would someone be there for me? I wondered.

As I arrived in the parking lot, my mind buzzed with more questions.

What is the best way to clean and clear crystals? What is the next step of my healing journey and business?

I had a myriad of other issues I was anxious to ask a mysterious person I believed God arragned for me to meet.

As I walked over to the crystal and rock table an old man with a fedora and very intense blue eyes walked right up to me and said, “I know about rocks and crystals and I’ve been waiting for you!”

He hands me a crystal pendulum and says, “This one will work with your energies well. It will not lie to you.”

I was incredulous and asked, “How do you know I needed this?”

He said, “I am a metaphysical rock healer.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

He looked into my soul answering questions I never asked him.

He said, “Don’t bury a crystal to clear it, use water so it will not take on lost spirits from the earth.”

Then he said, “Your heart is saddened. You need to worry less and trust God more.” He hugged me. “God blesses you for your work."

As he walked away, he literally disappeared into the crowd. My jaw dropped. I am convinced that he was an angel after all.

We entertain angels unaware. That day, my angel was a blue-eyed old man sent to answer my prayer.

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