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Angel Message

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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After I met the man at the flea market, I communicated with my guardian angel. This is the communication I received.

Channeled by Rosemary DeTrolio

May 8, 2001

I need to know if I spoke to an old man at the rock and crystal table. Who was he?

Is the sky a parcel of heaven; does the gate of the Lord open only one way? It is the seeker that finds, the child of God that sees possibilities. Be the wondering heart that searches out truth in open passages. It was Onstot the wise; angelic in nature, yet all find truth veiled in mystery.

Tests come in many faces; tests of trust, learning, openness present themselves to those who are on the path.Guidance wears many faces, both human and seemingly human, as the one who walks the path is not alone. It would be far easier for us to wear wings and show our glory, yet what would human kind really learn?

The test of faith walks on silent shoes, it is not necessary to prove, as faith is the quality of one who believes.The wish to know and pure intent sends a clear signal out to the forces of angels. God hears all prayers.God hears all intent, spoken and not spoken. Once intent is manifested, it rides the winds to God and is heard. Did you not ask for assistance? Did you not expect an answer? What is so difficult to understand?

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