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Energy Clearing 101

Clearing space

There are many ways to break stuck energy patterns in a room. My favorite way to clear a room is to use a white sage smudge. Sage smoke clears out old patterns and energies that don’t belong.

First, clear yourself with the smoke, then I waft it into the corners of the room. When it’s done, throw the burnt sage into the dirt, open the windows and invite fresh energy and air into the space. If you have a good quality essential oil, diffuse it to uplift and energize the space.

Sound also clears spaces. You may have seen healers clap in a room.

If you have a bell or chime, ring it and walk around our home with the intention of clearing it out. The high vibration breaks blocks within the room and your intention helps it.

See my products to purchase at my office loft. Each smudge kit comes with a hand-painted feather, shell, sage, and directions.

See also, my essential oil link on my page. I can send you suggestions for

the best uplifting oils to clear you and your home.

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