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2022 Expand, Enrich, Open

Rosemary DeTrolio

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC

If there is anything 2019-2020 taught us is hindsight is 2020.

This is what I learned:

Life is precious. Don't waste time worrying. Be open to new possibilities,

and use your gifts to help, assist, enlighten, expand, and grow.

Learn Zoom and use it.

Being sequestered reminded me of the joy of being present with friends,

seeing family, enjoying a meal at a great restaurant.

I appreciated being able to travel, go to the stores, and try on clothes.

Little things I did before without care, without a mask.

The new normal is not the old normal.

I invite you to delve into your heart's desire. Go boldly

where you've not been before. And have new experiences

and use your gifts. Don't concern yourself with naysayers,

dooms-dayers or dragon slayers.

Sign up for a workshop with me as your guide.

Call a friend.

Be of service.

And above all, be thankful for every breath you take.

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