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Treat yourself to the gift of healing with therapeutic grade essential oils by Young Living. Why Young Living? They are organic, pure, and harvested from seed to bottle by the Young Living Company with an AA rating. I've used these oils for over 25 years, and highly recommend them. 

Here are two outstanding and informative movies about the benefits of essential oils.

One sniff of Young Living oils and you'll be a fan! 


Click the oil for my Young Living web site. 

My code as distributor/enroller is #2834449.

You can buy either wholesale or retail.


3 Ways to Purchase

You can buy either wholesale or retail




Sign up and purchase the big oils kit & diffuser to buy at 24% off with one yearly purchase of $50.00


Sign up and purchase the small sample kit to buy at  =  24% off with one yearly purchase of $50.00 .


Buy wholesale from my

Young Living site

Diffuse lemon/orange oil to help eliminate germs.

Thieves cleaner is a  natural plant based cleaner. Thieves and Purification are great for cleaning and killing germs. Use them everywhere.

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