One hour relaxing session at my home office. Please e-mail to schedule your session.  Covid waiver

You will have your temp taken upon arrival. Please use the lavatory before you arrive. Our bathroom is under renovation.  Please wear a mask.

How I keep you safe:

I wear a mask.

Wash hands

Clean all surfaces before and after arrival

I social distanced since March.

Reiki Session


    Enjoy a relaxing one hour Reiki session while being fully clothed and comfortable. I place hands allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to calm you. Reiki is used in many local hospitals to assist with pain management, healing, and stress management. 

    Please e-mail to book in your appointment with me.  Reiki is taxable. (total is $80)


    Please show up on time to your session. I value your time and mine. If you cancel. No refunds. If you cancel 24 hours prior, you can use your payment toward a rescheduled session.


Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC