Is your intuition always right? Yes.
Do we always listen to it? No
That's free will and it's a bummer.
But for better or worse it's there to guide you.

But we'll start small with fun

little exercises to help you

access this wise friend.

WHEN   August 13

Monday log in at 9:15-10:45AM

Learn and practice time

PLEASE PREPAY by August 10

IN NEED 4 people minimum to hold this class

to receive the Zoom log in and password


For Class YOU NEED:

1. Two photos of people who

agree to be read.

2. Pen, paper

3. Magazine-photo 


or object

4. Object of any kind 

We will practice

1. clearing exercise

2. photo reading

3. face reading -for each other

4. object reading

5. Q and A after

Get into it, Intuit rescheduled 8/13 9:15AM



    Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC