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I communicate with your angels and channel a written reading two weeks before I meet with you.

 45 minutes in person or phone, or Zoom follow-up included.

Steps to Follow: 

Long form reading: ask 5 questions  I need 2-3weeks to finish.

Short form: Give two main focus areas about yourself you'd like me to channel for you. I need 1-2 weeks to finish. This session provides more individual guidance, good for a second or third reading. We can meet on Zoom. (pre-covid, these were in person)


1. Prepay your reading. 

2. Provide a phone number and e-mail.

    I'll call briefly to hear your voice.

3. Give your angels permission to speak with me. (Just say, "Angels, I give permission for you to tell Rosemary what I need to know.)

4. Agree by signing the disclaimer I will e-mail to you.


I trust the right guidance you need will be supplied. Not all questions are 

guaranteed an answer, but I will do my best to ask them for you. 



Angelic Communication Session

  • no refunds

    It takes me two-three weeks to channel a message for you. 


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