Treat yourself to four 30 minute 1:1 sessions. As an intuitive who has had my own life journey, I can guide you to open, use, or understand your path and innate gifts. I'm NOT a counselor, but with my extensive training as a school teacher, and Reiki Master teacher and angel communicator, I have a wealth of resources and experiences to guide you on your own path. We can set mutual times for each session to be completed within no more than two months of time.


My time is precious as is yours. Cancelled sessions are not refunded, but if you find our first session is not helpful fo you, I'll refund you for the other three  sessions (minus the paypal fees incurred  which is $105.00)

4 thirty minute spiritual growth sessions

  • Please read policy

    If you try one session and it isn't right for you, I will refund the other three sessions, minus the paypal fees incurred. 


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