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Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Spirit... How-to begin

We are all on a lifeboat called Earth, sent from the force of light through a human vessel known as Mother. You already have divine light inside every cell of your body.

Two microscopic bits of life merged at the perfect moment to create the human you are. You waited until you were ready to face the earth again. You are a miracle.

Each soul comes in with a rough plan, a blueprint, a mission.

Finding this mission is a treasure hunt.

The treasure is not outside yourself, but is in the sacred center of your being.

I hear you thinking: What the heck does this mean? What sort of mumbo jumbo is this? I need concrete ideas, Rosemary. I get it. Read on.

Step 1

Spiritual people all over the globe understand that awakening is a process of looking inward. Sit calmly, breathe slowly, and notice all thoughts, images, and emotions that cross your mind. Don't judge or entertain them. Listen and observe. Every thought is a conversation with the divine. Are you sitting in worry, distress, anger, or resentment? You have gained important information about the state of your consciousness.

Step 2

Be mindful of self-talk. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. Snap it every time you berate yourself. Then say "delete". Replace the old thought with a new one.

Example: "I'm so stupid. I made a mistake."

Replace: Delete. "This is an opportunity to change my direction and find a solution."

Step 3

Perhaps your state of mind is mellow, happy, and peaceful. Great! Now observe your surroundings and the people in your circle without letting them impact your calm.

Be mindful of complainers, doomsayers, and negative people. Chose to limit time with them. Don't respond to complainers or join in. This makes the negative energy intensify. Nod, be compassionate and let it go.

Step 4

Choose a bit of time each day for self-care, recharging time, vital for your mental health.

If you have little kids, I hear you. Your time is precious and hard to find. Share the load of care. Ask for help.

Use those waiting around moments at appointments, and parking lots to breathe or read something positive. Listen to a podcast or inspiring music you like.

Step 4

You are in charge of your state of mind. Don't let anyone harsh your mellow.

Chose to bloom like the many-petaled lotus, a sign of inner awareness and the opening of your spirit.

Ask for a complimentary 1:1 Zoom Discovery session with Rosemary.

Find out how she can help.

Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC

Rosemary DeTrolio, Reiki Master teacher

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