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Years ago, I was inspired to write Angel Voices to share my journey with you.  I rewrote the book and pared it down to the essentials.  To buy it, click on the the link the book

to purchase Divine Messengers.

Readers comments:

"I was touched with love of the angels,

as I read your book."  

"You've shared profound

wisdom and it helped me."

Thank you for enlightening me and helping me trust

my inner guidance!

With much joy, I share my words with you and the communications. 

I hope that my experiences will guide and

encourage you to honor your own inner voice

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Time Wheel, was originally written for pre-teens. Often, issues crop up for them about their parents, mean people or bullying at school. However, my book is also about Time Travel and some traveling involves seeing relatives who passed on. Wouldn’t we all like to see and talk to our loved ones once again and feel they are still with us? We all could relate to that and even to some of the same issues we’ve experienced either growing up or as an adult.

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"I have been feeling weak in spirit and meditated with the book you wrote,  I always felt that if I open it to a certain page, that's what I am meant to read. Yes it was. It was about fears. "See the truth and you have found the key...Your desire to love and be loved causes you pain at times...we are helping those who see find the color and light."  Thank you Rosemary and angels for writing this book! Your book has helped me." Grace 

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