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When you book an appoinment, your spot is no longer avialable on our calendar. Appointments are in high demand. Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation. First one will not incur a fee, but subsequent no shows or cancellation session fee will be invoiced

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"I was guided to Rosemary in the fall of 2005, back when I felt "lost" in many angles of my life. Rosemary has a wonderful gift of communication. Rosemary and the Angels brought me enlightenment and gave me straightforward answers. Some that did not resonate w/ me then, but now I understand them. I highly recommend Rosemary to my family and friends. I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Rosemary is the person I go to when I need a new/fresh perspective to help me confirm and understand some of my own personal growth messages that I receive. I also look forward to receiving my Master/Teacher Reiki attunements with her this summer, she is a wonderful teacher and gifted soul. Take a leap of faith and see for yourself how amazing communicating with your angels can be." 


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