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Rosemary's Books


Divine Messengers

Learn about Rosemary's angelic communications. Discover how to apply the angel's lessons to your own life and connect with this divine source. Her book instructs while sharing her own personal journey.


Time Wheel

Tommy Delo, 11 ¾, finds a magical artifact in the curio shop/apartment Mom purchased in Hope, NJ. Tommy meets cool kid Jake Stanton. Soon, they share an epic journey through time. Join Tommy as he navigates sixth grade and discovers the unique powers the artifact holds.

Middle-grade fiction written for grades 5-8

Kids love it!

Just released! Book 2 of this series: Wheel Guardian

Go to for worksheets for kids.


The Magic Flute

(Book 1 Series)

Azim is gifted with a hollow branch from the tree spirit. He makes a flute. His father tells him he must leave his homeland to help a village in need. Azim encounters a far away village ravaged by hungry giants. He uses his music to save the village from harm. He shares the lesson of loving the unlovable giants and teaches the villagers that there's magic in music. Even giant problems can be solved when everyone works together.

Primary grade 1 - 3 picture and text.

"The Magic Flute" is book 1 and "Jenson & the Giants" is book 2.


Jenson and the Giants

(Book 2 Series)

From the untrained eye, the ashen hill connecting two villages was just a hill. Old Man Jenson was shocked to find his feet walked upon the back of a sleeping giant. His magic flute had unusual powers to wake them.

Primary grade 1-3 picture and text.

"The Magic Flute" is book 1 and "Jenson & the Giants" is book 2.