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Meeting Angels


The World Mirrors Our Intentions- Rosemary DeTrolio Reiki Master Teacher

Be sure you like what you see. Notice. If you distrust everyone, examine your perceptions and beliefs. Are you contributing to this view by not being trustworthy yourself? Or you are sending energy of fear that people want to harm you or cheat you? Like thinking attracts like experiences.

It’s true you can beam love like a beacon and still have contact with negative people or unpleasant situations. The choice lies in how you react to negativity and what you chose to do about it. You can smile, or match their miserable mood. It’s your choice.

Negative people, disappointed by life, often harbor poisonous resentments or regrets. Perhaps they can’t forgive an emotional wound. Don’t take their mood personally. And don’t allow them to dump their bad moods on you either.

Compassion helps us to understand and forgive those that have hurt us and allows us to see negative people in a new light. Why allow anyone’s negativity ruin your day?

Ponder how you react when your feelings are hurt. Do you lash out? Do you bristle with anger? Do you nurse a grudge? Or do you defend constantly. All takes effort and steals your calm away.

If you have a prickly family member or co-worker, you can’t avoid them. Instead of being caught in the web of angst, best to and adjust your own viewpoint.

Turning the other cheek works for a while, but soon you’ll be spinning in a circle. Take positive actions, such as prayer. A self-centered person caught in their own web doesn’t realize how words or actions tangle you up in the same.

Communicate how you feel, then step back, take a deep breathe, and let it go. Don’t replay their words; don’t let it seep into your bones. Untangle and do something else.

Shift your own mood by doing small acts of kindness for other people without expecting a return. This act of good will is for God, not for the person in that awful mood.

I’ve received unexpected blessings in many ways. Whatever you do, don’t have any expectations of a return. Just do it for the sake of joy. No expectation, no resentment.

The universe mirrors our own intentions. If you don’t like the life in front of you, see who’s looking back at you. With gratitude and positive thinking in your life, you will like the reflection you see within yourself and within your life.

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