Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC
Guiding curious seekers since 2000 to expand awareness, rediscover inner light 
through angel connections, guidance sessions, Reiki, and metaphysical classes
that instruct and enrich. Grow your spirit!

Pendulum Class: Gina and I co-teach this class!


Rosemary and Gina are your experienced Reiki Master Teacher guides!

A pendulum is a tool that helps to access your higher mind if used correctly. We teach protection and safety along with uses in everyday life to check oils, foods, supplements and more! Did you know that it might help you select the healthiest food for your diet? It might lead you to a certain place on the map to live or visit. Rosemary will show you and alternate method  called muscle testing to link to your intuition and body awareness.

 I have Pendulums for sale and I will help you select the right one for you, or bring your own.

We will help you.  My friend Gina Tupaczewski is also a Reiki Master Teacher and animal communicator. She has her own business called Bee Calm Reiki located in Long Valley.

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