Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC
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REIKI 1st level


This is a self healing level, although you can use the energy right away to help others.I teach traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki.

Time is 10:00-3:30 and must be prepaid.

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy. It is easy to learn and a powerful modality. You can use it on others and this is considered a self healing or praticing level.  (FYI) First level Reiki people are working on developing abilities and should not charge to do treatments on others at this level. When  a student has reached  Reiki 2 and have well grounded energy and knowledge, some people start to work on others for a small fee.  YOUR CLASS INCLUDES A FOLLOW UP hour and a half review class for free. (You must take within 3 months of learning)*

I teach all levels of Reiki and started my journey in 1997.

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