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Hi Rosemary

I have been feeling weak in spirit and meditated with the book you wrote, Angel Voices 11:11. I always felt that if I open it to a certain page, that's what I am meant to read. Yes it was. It was about fears. "See the truth and you have found the key...Your desire to love and be loved causes you pain at times...we are helping those who see find the color and light." page 167 Thank you Rosemary and angels for writing this book! Your book has helped me.   


Quotes And thank YOU. The reading was extremely helpful, I really appreciate your insights, you have quite a gift. I look forward to seeing you again... Quotes

Quotes I first heard of Rosemary two years ago, and it took me this long to continually nag my friend for her contact info. However, I firmly believe in Divine Timing. This was the right time for us to finally meet her. Rosemary has recently completed Angel Readings for myself and for my two children. I am in awe of her work. The guidance she has provided for my children is invaluable. My husband attended her presentation of their readings and was really impressed. The information that she provided about my boys was so spot on, and validated over and over. She is truly a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and a tremendous gift. I am so grateful to have met her and for her work. Quotes

Quotes I have known Rosemary for almost 18 years. I am grateful to say that I was by her side when she began to channel angels and guides. I can tell you with sincerity that she is true blue, the real deal. She also is a compassionate and honest person with great integrity. She does not let ego get in her way - that I love. She is my mentor; I have learned so much from Rosemary. Guided only by goodness (God), Rosemary's readings and teachings will help you and inspire you to fulfill your life's purpose. She is nothing short of amazing!! Quotes
Melissa Leann Mandas

Quotes I have had the pleasure of knowing Rosemary for over 10 years now, I have taken all her classes. Finding a lesson and more spiritual growth from each. They are amazing, allowing me to continue my own spiritual journey. Through her classes being offered at just the right time, I find what is needed to help me take that leap forward. Also the push from those angels through Rosemary's willingness to help me move along my path I am so grateful for. Rosemary is a wonderful teacher, guide, and friend ; I am honored to write this testimonial as her work continues to guide me along my path as well as many others. Quotes
Gina Tupaczewski

Quotes I was guided to Rosemary in the fall of 2005, back when I felt "lost" in many angles of my life. Rosemary has a wonderful gift of communication. Rosemary and the Angels brought me enlightment and gave me straight foward answers. Some that did not resonate w/ me then, but now I understand them. I highly recommend Rosemary to my family and friends. I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ? and Rosemary is the person I go to when I need a new/fresh perspective to help me confirm and understand some of my own personal growth messages that I receive. I also look forward to receiving my Master/Teacher Reiki attunements with her this summer, she is a wonderful teacher and gifted soul. Take a leap of faith and see for yourself how amazing communicating with your angels can be. *smiles~Hugs~n Blessings~Fabi* http://www.harmoniousexpression.com Quotes
Sandy (Fabi)

Quotes This week?s show guest was my good friend and colleague, Rosemary DeTrolio, Angel Communicator and Past Life Reader (that?s Rosemary and me above). She read for my client Fran and she was in her words, ?blown away?. I?ve been fortunate enough to know Rosemary and we?ve been cross referring clients for the better part of 10years. Thank you, Rosemary for sharing your beautiful gift on Make Contact. For those of you who couldn?t listen in live, here?s the link: http://toginet.com/shows/makecontactwithsilviarossi Quotes
Sylvia Rossi

Quotes Join me as I interview Angel Communicator and Author of Angel Voices, Rosemary DeTrolio as she joins me this Wednesday 1/19/11 on Make Contact. Rosemary and I have known each other for the better part of 10 years and I am continually amazed at her gift! Make sure to tune in as she reads a member of the listening audience! Quotes
Sylvia Rossi
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