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Hi Rosemary

I have been feeling weak in spirit and meditated with the book you wrote, Angel Voices 11:11. I always felt that if I open it to a certain page, that's what I am meant to read. Yes it was. It was about fears. "See the truth and you have found the key...Your desire to love and be loved causes you pain at times...we are helping those who see find the color and light." page 167 Thank you Rosemary and angels for writing this book! Your book has helped me.   


Quotes I just love your site,, so inspirational thank you again for the "Wings" and all your help Gina Quotes

Quotes "Rosemary is a knowledgeable, caring, experienced professional who works wonders! Regards, Beverly" Quotes

Quotes I am so grateful that you are my friend and spiritual guide, mentor Thank you for being an extraspecial person Quotes

Quotes Good Morning Rosemary! I'm almost done reading your book & absorbing it. Wow! I'm also still processing Reiki. I've Friday, I'm having lunch with S, something we've never done. She & her husband have watched our dogs for years but my friend and I never had a personal conversation beyond that. She wants to hear about my Reiki experience & about what led her on this path herself. I can't wait to have someone else to talk to about all of this! I hope when she comes to you, you'll have a chance to talk about animals since that's definitely her gift in life. Quotes
Linda Hill

Quotes I wanted to thank you for helping me get through the roughest few months. The angel pin helped me and the great angel class. I am thankful and look forward to getting to know you. Quotes

Quotes Blown away by your angel reading. You rock. Quotes

Quotes Your bring out the best in everyone. Thank you for helping me out. Quotes

Quotes Your energy is radiant! Thank you. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for inspiring me! Quotes
From Dustin

Quotes Thank you for your strong spirit. I felt an instant connection with you . I appreciate how candid and honest you are. Quotes