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Hi Rosemary

I have been feeling weak in spirit and meditated with the book you wrote, Angel Voices 11:11. I always felt that if I open it to a certain page, that's what I am meant to read. Yes it was. It was about fears. "See the truth and you have found the key...Your desire to love and be loved causes you pain at times...we are helping those who see find the color and light." page 167 Thank you Rosemary and angels for writing this book! Your book has helped me.   


Quotes Ro-Sensei, I feel that I need to add the Honorific to your name. I hope that this is OK. What an incredible day it was! What incredible people I met! What incredible peace I was given! I came home yesterday, energized and exhausted.Never in my life had I felt such peace within me, nor had I trusted strangers enough to allow them to 'get inside' me. I walked in your office and I felt like I was home.Sensei, thank you for finding your way into my life and allowing me to find my way into yours. I am looking forward to the continued journey and growth. Quotes

Quotes You were great!!!!The people loved you!!!Thank you Rosemary!!!I was so nervous about it. I've been told about 70 people showed. All thought your talk was great. They were very interested and I heard nothing but good comments, which is a first a Fox Hills! Thanks again. Quotes
Marianne Davoren

Quotes Love the new site! What seems like a lifetime ago you did an angel reading for our non verbal son David who also has Autism. It turned out to be a "new" experience for you. Now almost 10 years later our son is typing to communicate and has confirmed everything the angels told you. You have helped us through hard times with our other son as well and we are forever grateful. Bless you Rosemary. Quotes
Nancy Sierchio

Quotes Rosemary is amazing! I know this not only because she is my sister but an educator and spiritual reader as well. I was visiting her one weekend and attended an angel reading class. The attendees were women who didn't know her or each other. She spoke to us and told of her background and how she came to do the readings. People connected with her. It seemed by the end of the session, they also connected with each other. Maybe it was similar experiences or that Rosemary was able to speak to individuals and know what was going in their lives, even though they didn't verbalize their private thoughts. She just knew about each one of time! She'd hold their hand and receive information about them! She was right on! Quotes
Sandra Murphy

Quotes Words cannot express my appreciation for your kindness and generosity of spirit. Thank you again. Quotes
from Tanya

Quotes Your intuitive reading was well done. I am blessed to have had the experience. I do hope to be enrolled in your classes sooner rather than later.Your intuitive reading was well done. I am blessed to have had the experience. I do hope to be enrolled in your classes sooner rather than later. Thank you and I hope to have another appointment soon. Love the flowers❤️ Angela🌻 Thank you and I hope to have another appointment soon. Love the flowers❤️ Angela🌻 Quotes

Quotes I had a angel reading done by Rosemary twice and with my first one it helped with my healing with the disappearance of my brother and helped get me back on track with my destiny in life. The second was to clarify my choices i had made and not to question everything and do things for the greater good of all. Its just amazing when you have someone who is as gifted as Rosemary and all the good she does for all of us who come to her! I plan on having a third reading done with her and i look forward to what my angels have to say and i highly recommend her to everyone with a open mind and open heart you too can heal or get help to find your way in life:))!! Angels are all around us we just have look feel and believe !!! Bless you Rosemary with your talents God has given you and never stop no matter what :)))!!!! Quotes
Mike Gemelas

Quotes About 6 weeks ago or so I heard Rosemary give an Angel reading on Silvia's show & something about her voice just "clicked" & I emailed her the next day. Not only did she answer me quickly, we settled the "business " aspect & she got started the following day. She filled in questions that I ALWAYS FELT my whole life & made me understand soooo much! She is positively remarkable & has helped my understanding of past hurtful feelings I needed to learn from! Her GIFT is truly from the ANGELS & I have since sent her 2 other customers which I PAID for because I know & trust she will make them understand things in their lives. ALso, Silvia your show has really good guests & I look forward to Wednesdays! U are Top Notch & better than ANY mediums on TV! xx Quotes

Quotes I have to also say that the 15 minutes on Saturday lifted my spirit and I thank you and the angels. Jean Quotes

Quotes I was so inspired by your recent talk! Wow! Quotes
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