Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC
Guiding curious seekers since 2000 to expand awareness, rediscover inner light 
through angel connections, guidance sessions, Reiki, and metaphysical classes
that instruct and enrich. Grow your spirit!

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Steps to follow

I channel guidance from your angels for you. 

Take a leap of faith! SCROLL DOWN to see what's different 
about my communications.

1. Select the type of reading you want (see angel readings and drop down menus)

2. prepay your reading click here    GIFT READING click here

3. E-mail me your contact information and phone number.

4. Once you've prepaid and after we have spoken, I begin to channel your reading.  LEGAL FORM
     Please download, print and send it back to me. 

5. Readings take 2-3 weeks for long form.

6. Short form readings and intuitive session  take 1-2 weeks. (in person only)

When you click, you will arrive a the page with many classes and choices. 

The cost is $122.00  for any type you choose.

ANGELS 1- I can teach you how to communicate with your angels. (must be 18 or older to attend)

What is different about my readings? 
Unlike a psychic reading, I don't have to know you, see you, or meet you before I channel for you.
I do need to hear your voice as it has an energetic pattern. 
You also need to give permission to your angels for me to link up.
I obtain guidance from the Universal field of information, linking to your angels and guides,
not your own emotional energy field. My readings are written out before I even meet with you! 
Once we have our session, the more guidance  flows in to me.
I don't use cards to obtain your reading, although at the 
end of our session, you can pull a few cards.
These are simply tools that you too can make use of with practice.

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