About Reiki

Treat yourself to a calming Reiki session to balance and renew your body and energy.

Reiki calms your parasympathetic nervous system helping you reach homeostasis.  Your body is in a healing state when it is the most relaxed.


I have an outdoor space for sessions as well as my loft office. I'm scheduling sessions. PLEASE wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated. After each session, I do change the sheets and disinfect all surfaces for your safety.


Jump-start your spiritual path, open and awaken latent gifts of spirit through Reiki.

Reiki has no religious affiliation and does not interfere with your own beliefs.

Reiki does not replace your doctor’s care or medical protocol. 

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Reiki cannot be learned on-line. Why? Your Master teacher is highly trained to open your healing channel, ground your energy field, and to teach the system with integrity and assistance.


Unlike other modalities, an attunement can only be transferred in person from Master Teacher to student as  Sensei Usui trained his lineage. Please don't be fooled by claims of on-line attunements.


I've retrained many students who did not learn the basics properly or who were not actually attuned to Reiki, and only learned information.


There are comparison studies of those students who were actually trained, and those who just knew and used information they read. There was a clear delineation between both types of healing work and the results.

At level 2, a student can send Reiki through time and space with permission granted by receiver, but this is not an attunement to Reiki, but a sending protocol to assist with healing. Einstein called this strange type of connection between two objects "spooky action at a distance". Science is now catching up with Reiki!

Did you know you can send healing back in time to your younger self? Learn how with Reiki long distance healing.

All attunements MUST be in person at my home office before you take any level of Reiki class with me for any Zoom Reiki instruction. 

Contact me for details.  


I teach all levels of Reiki, have trained doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and lay people to use this system. I've been using Reiki since 1997 and am well versed in all aspects of Reiki. I am a member of IARP.org, The International Association of Reiki Practioners.


I trained many students to Advanced level 3 and Master Teacher level. contact me for details info@rosemaryd.com